Strategies for Meaningful, Productive ESL Lessons


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ESL Lessons

An established Houston accountant, Sue Ann Ma leads Seminal Financial Group, Inc., as president and provides coordinated services that include bookkeeping and tax planning. Sue Ann Ma supports nonprofits such as the American Red Cross and would like the opportunity teaching children English as a second language (ESL) in the future.

One ESL strategy is introducing vocabulary and language that is carefully targeted to the lesson at hand. The use of universal themes and meaning-based context helps ensure that the material is applicable to real-life situations in which students have interest. Common examples include going out to eat in a restaurant or taking a trip to the beach with friends.

As lessons progress, authentic assessments are used as a method of evaluating students’ understanding of material. A key aspect of this is realizing that the students will often be unable to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts learned using advanced language skills. For this reason, the ESL teacher must take time to understand each student’s abilities and particular way of conveying knowledge.

Tips Before Donating Blood to the Red Cross


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Donating Blood

A certified public accountant, Sue Ann Ma owns and heads her own accounting firm based in Houston, Texas. Sue Ann Ma is a supporter of the Red Cross.

The Red Cross plays a crucial function in the United States health care system as it is the nation’s largest individual blood and blood products supplier. It collects and processes around 40 percent of the country’s blood supply. For those who want to donate blood, the Red Cross offers some tips before making a donation.

First, you should keep an acceptable level of iron in your diet by eating food rich in iron, including fish, poultry, red meat, beans, and raisins. It is important to get ample sleep the night before donation. Prior to donating, drink an additional 16 oz. of nonalcoholic fluids or water.

You must also eat a healthy meal prior to donating, avoiding hamburgers, ice cream, and other fatty foods as these types of food affect the tests done on your blood. Your system must be aspirin free for at least two days before donation. Lastly, do not forget to bring your donor card along with your driver’s license (or two other kinds of IDs).