Stay Prepared and Connected with the Red Cross Mobile App Series

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American Red Cross

A Certified Public Accountant and Master Certified Estate Planner, Sue Ann Ma provides a variety of financial services as a president of Seminal Financial Group, Inc., in Houston, Texas. Alongside her activities as an accountant, Sue Ann Ma supports the American Red Cross.

In a recently released statement, the American Red Cross announced that over 1 million people have now downloaded its free Blood Donor App. Launched in 2014 as part of the Red Cross mobile app series, the smartphone application gives Red Cross donors the ability to find donation sites, schedule appointments, and track their donations while on the go.

Since its release, the Blood Donor App, which received a 2016 Webby Award, has led to approximately 988,000 donation appointments. The Blood Donor App and the Red Cross’ popular Emergency App and First Aid App are all available for both Android and iPhone devices.

In addition to these tools, the organization’s mobile app series features applications focused on disaster and emergency preparedness as well as veterans’ services.

Tips Before Donating Blood to the Red Cross


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Donating Blood

A certified public accountant, Sue Ann Ma owns and heads her own accounting firm based in Houston, Texas. Sue Ann Ma is a supporter of the Red Cross.

The Red Cross plays a crucial function in the United States health care system as it is the nation’s largest individual blood and blood products supplier. It collects and processes around 40 percent of the country’s blood supply. For those who want to donate blood, the Red Cross offers some tips before making a donation.

First, you should keep an acceptable level of iron in your diet by eating food rich in iron, including fish, poultry, red meat, beans, and raisins. It is important to get ample sleep the night before donation. Prior to donating, drink an additional 16 oz. of nonalcoholic fluids or water.

You must also eat a healthy meal prior to donating, avoiding hamburgers, ice cream, and other fatty foods as these types of food affect the tests done on your blood. Your system must be aspirin free for at least two days before donation. Lastly, do not forget to bring your donor card along with your driver’s license (or two other kinds of IDs).

Red Cross Volunteers Help Veterans and Military Members

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Red Cross

Accountant and certified estate planner Sue Ann Ma has a range of experience in accounting and finances, including with Chase Bank, Hibernia Bank, and Seminal Financial Group. While at Chase Bank, Sue Ann Ma won received a Circle of Excellence Award. She also supports several charitable organizations, including the Red Cross.

The Red Cross does a range of charitable work including blood donations and disaster relief. The organization also places a special focus on supporting veterans, military members, and their families. Since 9/11, the Red Cross has provided support in different ways to over a million military families.

Volunteers from the Red Cross help at active military bases in whatever way they can, including providing home comforts or, in at least one case, bringing a dog to a command tent in Kuwait to build morale. The Red Cross also supports veterans, whether through providing food and shelter in emergencies or providing referrals for mental health or career counseling. The Red Cross aims to be present at any time, including before any emergencies happen, so veterans and military members know they have support when they need it.

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An Overview of Red Cross Training Courses


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Training Courses

A certified public accountant (CPA), Sue Ann Ma received her master of business administration from Lamar University. For more than 16 years, she has served as president of Seminal Financial Group, Inc., in Houston, Texas. In addition to her professional activities, Sue Ann Ma engages in charitable work with organizations such as the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross provides a variety of life-saving services all around the world, including education and training courses in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the use of AED defibrillators, and other areas of first aid. All Red Cross classes draw on the latest technology and science available, while also adhering to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Best Practices for Workplace First Aid Training Programs.

The Red Cross offers a number of related services beyond the traditional two-year certification training programs, such as online training opportunities, free digital course materials, and various continuing education units. More information regarding courses, including locations for local classes, can be found at