Stay Prepared and Connected with the Red Cross Mobile App Series

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American Red Cross

A Certified Public Accountant and Master Certified Estate Planner, Sue Ann Ma provides a variety of financial services as a president of Seminal Financial Group, Inc., in Houston, Texas. Alongside her activities as an accountant, Sue Ann Ma supports the American Red Cross.

In a recently released statement, the American Red Cross announced that over 1 million people have now downloaded its free Blood Donor App. Launched in 2014 as part of the Red Cross mobile app series, the smartphone application gives Red Cross donors the ability to find donation sites, schedule appointments, and track their donations while on the go.

Since its release, the Blood Donor App, which received a 2016 Webby Award, has led to approximately 988,000 donation appointments. The Blood Donor App and the Red Cross’ popular Emergency App and First Aid App are all available for both Android and iPhone devices.

In addition to these tools, the organization’s mobile app series features applications focused on disaster and emergency preparedness as well as veterans’ services.