Red Cross Volunteers Help Veterans and Military Members

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Red Cross

Accountant and certified estate planner Sue Ann Ma has a range of experience in accounting and finances, including with Chase Bank, Hibernia Bank, and Seminal Financial Group. While at Chase Bank, Sue Ann Ma won received a Circle of Excellence Award. She also supports several charitable organizations, including the Red Cross.

The Red Cross does a range of charitable work including blood donations and disaster relief. The organization also places a special focus on supporting veterans, military members, and their families. Since 9/11, the Red Cross has provided support in different ways to over a million military families.

Volunteers from the Red Cross help at active military bases in whatever way they can, including providing home comforts or, in at least one case, bringing a dog to a command tent in Kuwait to build morale. The Red Cross also supports veterans, whether through providing food and shelter in emergencies or providing referrals for mental health or career counseling. The Red Cross aims to be present at any time, including before any emergencies happen, so veterans and military members know they have support when they need it.