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Red Cross’ Red Crescent Network and Emergency Preparedness

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Red Crescent Network

A financial services professional with more than two decades of experience, Sue Ann Ma, MBA, CPA, and CEP, provides tax and estate planning as well as accounting services at her Houston-based firm. Outside of her professional responsibilities, Sue Ann Ma is an active supporter of the Red Cross.

Specializing in disaster relief and emergency preparedness, the Red Cross’ global Red Crescent network recently partnered with the United Nations Development Fund and the United States Agency for International Development to alert people in Iraq of the threat posed by the potential of the Mosul dam collapse. Iraqi Red Crescent volunteers traveled door-to-door, providing crucial information and encouraging residents to download Red Crescent mobile apps, which feature potentially life-saving information, warnings, and alerts should the dam collapse.

Assessed as the world’s most dangerous dam by the US Army Corps of Engineers, the highly unstable Mosul dam has not received critical maintenance in recent years. If the dam were to collapse, roughly 45 feet of water would flood Mosul within four hours, while an expected 33 feet of water would flood Baghdad within four days.